Conferences, Fourth International Conference "SCIENCE AND SCIENTIST – 2016"

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Consciousness and Causality: A Sub-Quantum Time-Symmetric Approach
Adrian Klein, Ph.D.

Date: 2016-08-26 04:15 PM – 04:45 PM
Last modified: 2016-08-17


We suggest here an extended theoretical model for the Brain-Mind interface. We introduce some basic Sub Quantum (SQ) considerations, as an important contribution to a more accurate understanding of the way Nature uses energy/mass bearing matter as an expression of its Informational essence.

We apply a coherent concept regarding time symmetry and retro-causation, superluminal propagations in Sub Quantum (SQ) domains and Cramer's transactional interpretation of Quantum mechanics. This way we cogently extend and complement Henry Stapp's leading theoretical model of mental causation by a documented rejection of both the causal enclosure principle and causality violation constraints.

We show that in the SQ domains of superluminal propagation action-reaction mechanisms, which run in the hidden time of Informational interactions, a time-symmetric causal loop is formed and operates at any point in physical entropic time. This couples future states to their preceding determinants by a closed, self-balanced system. This involves a hyper-dimensional pathway of high implicate order coordination, at both levels of the subjective awareness operator and the objective Quantum events they modulate. Thereby Stapp's loose non-deterministic events at both ends of the process, namely the selection of the "Question" to be addressed to Nature, and nature's selection of its “Response”, are to be reframed in a self-consistent deterministic pattern.  We argue that nonlocality and trans-temporality of Qualia are the ultimate causal principles of reality. This supports a unified monistic orientation, which is underpinning the Being’s transient connection to the brain's Quantum mediation tasks, yet it preserves the acquired complexity of its cognitive functions in a temporary, or definitively disconnected operation, separate from the brain.


We address the epistemological equivalence of normal and paranormal phenomena from a Quantum transactional perspective (Trajna's psychotemporal wave concept, applied to Stapp's brain-mind interactions), underpinning our synoptic concept by recent experimental studies.

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