Conferences, Fourth International Conference "SCIENCE AND SCIENTIST – 2016"

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Hidden Treasure of Mystic Vedas: “Smoke Therapy”
Dipti Kanta Pradhan, Ph.D.

Date: 2016-08-27 01:45 PM – 02:05 PM
Last modified: 2016-08-17


Smoke Therapy is a concept prevailing in India since time immemorial. This I came to know while arguing with a local ‘Pundit’ against the superstitious of performing ‘Homa’ or Yagna as prescribed in Vedic scriptures. Later, to confirm my belief, I selected only three simple elements Ghee, Honey and Jaggery (molasses) and test their smoke against bacteria causing Typhoid and Diarrhea.

With limited resources, the test results were surprising and its effects were at par with that of standard drugs. Further this is environment friendly with no side-effects.  But it may emphasize, more tests are required to ascertain that when the Vedic ‘Homa’ are performed in a modified scientific way, it can be more beneficial to humanity and congenial to environment.

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