Conferences, Fifth International Conference "SCIENCE AND SCIENTIST – 2017"

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Understanding Modern Science Through Vedantic Philosophy
S.C Vetrivel, Ph.D., M Mohanasundari, Ph.D.

Last modified: 2017-08-12


Science rests upon a definition of what constitutes the right means of knowledge through which something can be known. Science, like the classical philosophies of India, recognizes the validity of sensory perception and reason as the main means at our ordinary disposal for gaining authentic knowledge about the world and about ourselves. Yet science is not content with what the senses present us as reality, any more than the mystic or yogi is, though science builds upon rather than rejects what the senses show. Science has created a vast array of special instruments and equipment from microscopes and telescopes that can greatly increase the range of our physical senses. It has added other instruments like radio telescopes which bring in information about the universe from means that are related to but outside the scope of our ordinary senses. It has created special computers to extend the range of computation as well. While Vedic science recognizes the importance of sensory perception and reason, it further considers that there is another, more reliable and internal source of knowledge, particularly necessary for understanding the inner or spiritual world. This is the direct perception of the silent or meditative mind.

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