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Science and Scientist – 2017 will bring together leading Biologists, Engineers, Scientists and Academicians from around the world. The main goal of this conference is to provide a platform for the academic, scientific and industrial community to cultivate a spirit of genuine scientific inquiry toward Life and Its Origin based on 21st century biology. A secondary goal is to inspire researchers to recognize and understand the scientific validity of the ancient Vedantic wisdom. This conference will provide a new forum for discussion of the ways and means to promote 'Harmony of Science and Religion.'

The organizers welcome submission of manuscripts that meet the conference criteria of significance and scientific excellence. Submissions of reviews and perspectives covering topics of conference interest are welcome and encouraged. Reviews should be concise and no longer than about 18 manuscript pages. All articles (including 'Reviews') will be peer-reviewed.

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Science of Spiritual Biology

  1. Embryology, Developmental Biology and Consciousness
  2. Plant Sentience
  3. Cellular Cognition
  4. Cognitive Biology
  5. Self-Determination and Freewill
  6. Body, Mind and Consciousness
  7. Bioinformatics and Consciousness
  8. Evolution, Laws of Biological Form and Cognition
  9. Understanding Biodiversity from 21st Century Biology
  10. Systems Biology and Consciousness
  11. Origin of Life
  12. Soul Hypothesis
  13. Vedantic View of 'Life and Its Origin'

Scientific Critique of Life Science

  1. Logic of Life
  2. Difference Between Organism and Machine
  3. Debunking Darwinism
  4. Failure of Genetic Determinism - Life Beyond Genes
  5. Failure of Biologism or Biological Determinism
  6. Lessons from Hard and Easy Problems of Consciousness
  7. Was Cognition there Before the Big Bang?
  8. Objective vs. Subjective Evolution
  9. Why Biology is Beyond Physical Sciences?
  10. The Chronology of Geological Column: An Incomplete Tool to Search Georesources

Author Guidelines

We highly recommend that prospective authors read selections from References and our publications such as "The Harmonizer" and "Darwin Under Siege" to gain a better perspective on the type of articles that are suitable for Science and Scientist – 2017.

Submissions accepted:April 03, 2017
Submissions closed:July 02, 2017

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Submissions for this conference were closed on 2017-08-17.

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