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Special Articles

Beyond the Modern Monolith of Consciousness PDF
Sripad Bhakti Madhava Puri Maharaja, Ph.D.
A Gaudiya Vaisnava Appeal to The Scientific Community PDF
Srila Bhakti Nirmal Acharya Maharaja

Plenary Session to Introduce the Theme of ‘Science and Scientist – 2017’

Dissecting the Central Dogma of Subject-Object Dichotomy in the Modern Science PDF
Bhakti Niskama Shanta, Ph.D.
Harmony of Vedanta and Science PDF
Bhakti Vijnana Muni, Ph.D.
Cartesian Mind-Body Dualism and Vedantic Response PDF
S. R. Bhatt, Ph.D.
Action Research: A Methodology for Inquiring into Subjective Experience PDF
Joan Walton, Ph.D.

Scientific Critique of Life Science

Origin of life on Earth: Comparison of Opinions form Modern Science and Vedantic Views PDF
Medicharla Venkata Jagannadham, Ph.D.
Restoration of Brain Functions by Rewiring and Remodelling of Neural Circuits PDF
B. S. Shankaranarayana Rao, Ph.D.
Soft Logic for Consciousness Science PDF
Moshe Klein, Oded Maimon
Joining the Dots: The Ladder of Cognition PDF
Asok Kumar Mukhopadhyay, M.D.

Science of Spiritual Biology

Quantum theory, Determinism and the Question of Free Will PDF
Sisir Roy, Ph.D.
The Karmic role for the dynamism in Nature or So - called Evolution II PDF
Mohan Kharel, Ph.D.
Bacterial Intelligence and Sentience PDF
Rajani Malla, Ph.D.
Concept of Body and Mind in Vedic Philosophies PDF
Govinda S. Upadhyaya, Ph.D.
Near Death Experience – what we know, what we don’t know PDF
Garga Chatterjee, Ph.D., Dhairyya Singh

Exploring the Mysteries of Life

Unification of Objective Realism and Spiritual Development PDF
Paul Werbos, Ph.D.
The Shillongator Model of the Universe Revisited After 30 Years PDF
Sungchul Ji, Ph.D.
Life Comes from Life and Matter Comes from Life – Consistency with Modern Science PDF
Syamala Hari
Thermodynamics Challenges to the Materialistic View of Origin of the Biological System-a Review PDF
Shilpi Saxena, Ph.D.
Origin of Heart Beat a Microcosm of Origin of Universe: Syncretism between Vedic and Kabbalah, Christian, Islamic Philosophies and Quantum Physics PDF
Sundeep Mishra, M.D.
GAMES OF HUMAN LIFE AND PURPOSE – A Conceptual Framework of Basic Aims and Actions PDF
Ganesh L. S.

Parallel Session: Reflections on Vedānta and Science (Hall 1)

The Objects of Perception in Illusory Experiences PDF
Alphy Geever
Theory of Procreation in Vedic Literature: A Quantum Field Theoretic Model PDF
Radhey Shyam Kaushal, Ph.D.
The ‘Unseen’ Body; Biofield Scanning for Detection and Prediction of Health Issues PDF
Nandini Bondale, Ph.D., Anup Deo, M.D.

Parallel Session: Reflections on Vedānta and Science (Hall 2)

The Modern “Self” PDF
Lokesh Pant
Understanding the Dynamics of Human Cognitive Processing System by Studying Hand Movement: A new possibility in kinematics PDF
Lekhnath Sharma Pathak
The Spiritual Properties of Plants for Activating Higher Consciousness PDF
Khaga Raj Sharma

Parallel Session: Views of Vedānta and Science on Consciousness (Hall 1)

Life and World in the eyes of Advaita Vedanta PDF
Guru Prasad Suvedi, Ph.D.
Srimadbhagavatamahapurana as a Source of Research Questions and Model Building PDF
Damodar Jnawali, Ph.D.
Control of Mind – An Ayurvedic Approach PDF
Deba Prasad Dash, M.D. (Ayur.), Sushanta Sahu, M.D. (Ayur.)
Spiritual Essence of Evolution PDF
Siddhartha Sahu
Understanding Modern Science Through Vedantic Philosophy PDF
S.C Vetrivel, Ph.D., M Mohanasundari, Ph.D.
Plant Science in Atharvaveda : A Study PDF
Tahasin Mondal
Rasayana: An Ayurveda Approach for Longevity PDF
Jyotiranjan Meher, Arunima Meher
Valentin Ageyev
Health Benefits of Vegetarian and Vegan Diet including Spirituality PDF
Ram Chandra Basnyat, Ph.D.
Science, Mankind, Religion and Global Peace PDF
Nanda Nandan Das, Ph.D.
The Psycho-spiritual Cognizance in the Sacred Vedic Art, Architecture and Iconographic symbols PDF
Bharat Giri

Parallel Session: Views of Vedānta and Science on Consciousness (Hall 2)

Conscious as the Centre of Well Being! PDF
Ram Deo Pandit
Sprit and Science PDF
Bhagawan Das Manandhar, Ph.D.
Consciousness Studies and Quantum Mechanics PDF
Varanasi Ramabrahmam, Ph.D.
Complex Systems Approach to the Hard Problem of Consciousness PDF
Sahana V Rajan
Plant Sentience in Relation to Spiritually Positive Stimuli PDF
Jayant Balaji Athavale, Ph.D., Rupesh Redkar
Science and Scientist : Mind, Body Consciousness- Way beyond scientific methodology PDF
Anuja Chouhan, Ph.D.
Uncertainty: Physiological Approach Towards The Issue Of Existence Of Creator PDF
Susrut Ghimire
Quantum Science, Bio-field and Consciousness-A Perspective PDF
Sethuraman Rammohan
Study of Consciousness in the Light of Vedanta PDF
Ananda Raj Poudel, Ph.D.
Hinduism: science and spirituality PDF
Padam Prasad Pande, M. Phil.
Psychology Behind The Origin of Man and Woman in Indian Thought PDF
V. K. Hampiholi, Ph.D.
Towards Synthesis of Science, Philosophy and Spirituality - Dialogue the way (Glimpses from Dr. T.D. Singh's contribution) PDF
Jayanti Ranganathan Chavan, Ph.D.

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