* Temple city Bhubaneswar (capital of Odisha) is well connected by air, trian and buses

* Bhubaneswar climatic condition during October: Temperature 180-280 C

* Accommodation facility will be arranged for dates 25th evening October 2018 to 28th morning October 2018 for all registered delegates arriving from outside Bhubaneswar. All of those who will register for the conference, organizers will arrange accommodation for them and registration fees will take care of that expenses. Those who will do "On Spot Registration" they have to pay for their accommodation.

Indian Visa Information

Tourism is the largest industry in temple city Bhubaneswar. Konark Sun Temple is a 13th-century CE sun temple at Konark about 65 kilometres (40 mi) from Bhubaneswar on the coastline of Odisha, India and and ancient Sri Jagannath Puri temple are the hotspot destination for tourists and people seeking spiritual upliftments. The Hindu and Buddhist heritage of Bhubaneswar are also strong attractions.

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