Soul Hypothesis

The ancient Indic Science of Vedanta explains that one must go in the direction of Spiritual evolution of consciousness in the search for secret of life. Hegel explained that consciousness awakens in the soul [1]. Srila Prabhupada explained that each and every body is the embodiment of an individual soul, and the symptom of the soul's presence is perceived as individual consciousness [2]. Srila Sridhar Maharaja explained that everything manifests from within consciousness [3]. However, searching the direction of matter has frustrated all attempts to uncover the secret of life. There have been attempts to reconcile biology with philosophy due to problems encountered in settling issues with evo-devo, realization of forest rather than a tree of life, lack of supportive fossil records (fossil record suffers from four major problems: (1) stasis, (2) sudden appearance of forms, (3) sudden disappearance of forms and (4) no intermediate species) and lack of mechanism of life. Moreover all organisms display sentient qualities like sensing, intelligence and purposefulness. The deeper understanding of biology can be realized if the science of soul is introduced in universities and colleges as the legitimate concept of life. The substantiality of the soul is thinking, feeling and willing [4]. Aristotle gave a concept of the soul from empirical considerations as a concept to be deduced from the actual phenomenon observed in life. Aristotle laid much importance to finding the totality of the causal form for delineating the science of the soul [5]. Aristotelian and Hegelian concepts have much potential to be integrated with the Vedantic concept in light of the demands of a scientific structure to discover the laws that govern wholism, consciousness and higher subjective realities like desire. The science of soul will study the spiritual evolution of consciousness. Contributors are invited to submit their views and papers to discuss this topic from various perspectives of Biology, Philosophy, Vedanta and other Religions.


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